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Environmental Site Assessments, EIR, EIS,  Evapotranspiration Modeling and Projecions,  Desalination,  Renewable Energy,  Expert Witness Testimony



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State-of-the-Art Renewable Energy:  Ocean Wave and Current, plus Tidal, Small Stream Hydroelectric, Geothermal, High-Efficiency Solar, and Wind.

Salt Water Desalination along Coastlines of California India, and Elsewhere.  Evapotranspiration Measuring, Monitoring, Modeling, and Projections.

Water Budget Management.  Meteorological and Hydrologic Instrumentation.  Remote-Reading Flood Warning Systems.  Certified HAZMAT Training. 

Environmental Planning, Impact Statements and Reports, Environmental Site Assessments, Feasibility Studies.  Soil and Water Sampling and Testing.

Online Science Seminars.  Global Climate Change Modeling.  Thermo-Haline Ocean Circulation Modeling.  Green Energy Research & Development. 


Environmental Science & Energy, Inc.

Charles B. Pyke, Ph.D., President, CEO, and Principal Scientist, and Timothy E. Wright, M.Sc., Chairman of the Board, and Principal Water Resources, Energy, and Data Specialist, of  Environmental Science & Energy, Inc., offer a large variety of environmental services, listed below under the seven Divisions of our Corporation.  [For more details about selected services, click on one of the small boxes (with blue lettering) above, just below our telephone number.] 

Environmental Services Division:

Environmental site assessments world-wide. 

Environmental impact statements and reports world-wide.  

Environmental feasibility studies world-wide,  

Environmental planning programs world-wide.

Latest technology scientific instruments, world-wide.

Climate change modeling world-wide.

Thermo-haline ocean circulation modeling, ocean-wide. 

Natural resources conservation programs world-wide.

Renewable Energy Division:

Site assessments in support of renewable energy projects.

Wind farm site evaluation world-wide. 

Small-stream hydroelectric energy development world-wide. 

New technology, high-efficiency solar panels, including auto-adjusting, sun-tracking panels.

Ocean wave, ocean current, and tidal energy development world-wide. Local wind turbines. 

Geothermal energy generation world-wide.

Water Resources Division:

Evapotranspiration measuring, monitoring, modeling, and projections world-wide. 

Evapotranspiration studies world-wide. 

Design, construction, and restoration of water reclamation plants around the world. 

Water resources, water supply, water budget, and water reclamation management world-wide.

Stochastic watershed modeling world-wide. Flood control and flood plain management world-wide.

Soil and water sampling and testing for turbidity and algae.

Soil and water sampling for pollution by oil, mercury, toxic chemicals, sewage, trash, and other foreign substances.  

Investigations into soil and water turbidity, algae, and pollution, world-wide. 

Ocean water desalination along the coastlines of California and India, plus elsewhere in the world.

Development of climatic normal and extreme rain and snow for reservoir design.   

Development of design storms and floods for dams, spillways, levees, and river channels.

Remote-reporting flood warning systems and environmental monitoring systems world-wide.

Environmental Data Division:  

GIS-capable environmental, energy, and water resources data from a multi-petabyte (multi-million gigabyte) data base. 

Expert data analysis, interpolation, graphing, and mapping. 

Expert Witness Division:  

Forensic discovery and expert witness testimony in depositions and court trials.

Preparation of Power Point exhibits for court trials and depositions.

Information and Education Division:  

Certified hazardous materials (HAZMAT) Training.

Training programs in soil and water quality sampling.

Training programs in evapotranspiration monitoring.

Interactive Internet (online) scientific seminars, classes, and courses.

Scientific seminars and courses on DVD.

Internet (online), DVD, and television science documentaries.

Public lectures and The Visiting Science Professor program.

Educational films, videos, manuals, CDs, and DVDs on scientific topics.

New latest technology science textbooks for the advanced student or for the general public. 

New latest technology laboratory manuals and scientific software.

Establishment of new environmental education programs and institutions world-wide.   

Research and Studies Division:

Environmental sciences research & development and studies, world-wide.

Climate studies in support of environmental and renewable energy projects world-wide.

Research into the serious air and water pollution problems in China, India, and elsewhere in the world.  

Renewable energy studies, world-wide: solar, hydropower, ocean wave, ocean current, tidal, wind, geothermal, biofuels.

Research and studies in meteorology, climatology, geology, entomology, and other sciences, world-wide.

Research and studies  in water resources, hydrology, and hydrologic engineering, world-wide.

Research and studies of water supply, drought, and desalination feasibility, world-wide.  

Research into, and studies of, the preservation of endangered species, world-wide.

Some Details about the Services Offered by Environmental Science & Energy, Inc.: 

 ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES DIVISION:  Site Assessments, EIR, EIS, Feasibility Studies, Instruments, Climate Modeling.

Click on an underlined topic below for details about the Environmental Services of  Environmental Science & Energy, Inc.:

Environmental planning, impact statements, impact reports, site assessments, feasibility studies

Meteorological and hydrologic instruments; other scientific instruments and systems;  weather stations

Global warming / cooling and climate change modeling; thermo-haline ocean circulation modeling

Call (888) 786-7696 to discuss your specific needs for Environmental Services, Scientific Instrumentation, and Climate Change Modeling. 


 RENEWABLE ENERGY DIVISION:   High-Efficiency Solar, Small-Stream Hydroelectric, Wave, Tidal, Wind, Geothermal.

Many scientists, politicians, and other leaders, in numerous speeches over the past several years, have strongly advocated that our nation develop renewable energy in order to get away from fossil fuels. 

It has become evident that there is an increasingly urgent need for the development of alternate sources of energy.  Especially needed are economically feasible sources of renewable energy, such as ocean wave, ocean current, and tidal energy, as well as small-stream hydroelectric, high-efficiency solar, geothermal, and local wind energy.  

Click on an underlined topic below for details:

Renewable energy development offered by Environmental Science & Energy, Inc. -- a general overview

High-efficiency solar and local wind energy, including auto-adjusting, sun-tracking solar panels.

Small stream hydroelectric energy and local geothermal energy

Ocean wave, ocean current, and tidal energy

Call (888) 786-7696 to discuss your specific needs for Renewable Energy generation.


 WATER RESOURCES DIVISION:  Desalination, Evapotranspiration, Water Budgets, Water Reclamation, Soil and Water Quality. 

Click on an underlined topic below for details: 

Salt water desalination along the coastlines of oceans and inland salt water seas and lakes