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FEATURED:  New Highly Affordable Compact Multi-Sensor Instrument Packages. Seawater Desalination - California, India, Chile, Middle East, Persian Gulf.

Evapotranspiration Monitoring, Modeling, and Projections.  Water Budget Management.  Flood Warning Systems.  Soil and Water Sampling and Testing.

Research into India / China Air Pollution.  Environmental Site Assessments, Impact Statements and Reports, Feasibility Studies.  Environmental Planning.

State-of-the-Art Renewable Energy:  High-Efficiency Solar, Ocean Wave, Current, and Tidal, Small Stream Hydroelectric, Geothermal, Wind, and Biofuels.

Certified  HAZMAT  Training.   Online  Science  Seminars.   Global  Climate  Change  Modeling.   Thermo-Haline  Ocean  Circulation  Modeling.   

Expert Testimony.  Environmental Data from a Data Base of Several Million Gigabytes, plus Expert Data Analysis, Mapping, Graphing, and Animation. 



Environmental Science & Energy, Inc. offers a large variety of environmental services, listed below under the seven Divisions of our Corporation, including some exciting NEW ITEMS at highly affordable costs.  

Charles B. Pyke, Ph.D. is the President / CEO and General Manager of Environmental Science & Energy, Inc.

Timothy E. Wright, M.Sc. is the Chairman of the Board, Principal Scientist, Evapotranspiration Measurement and Modeling Expert, plus Multi-Sensor Environmental Instrumentation Specialist.

We have a Featured New Product from our  Environmental Instrumentation Division:

NEW ITEM, availability expected in early 2018 Latest technology, highly affordable, compact, remote-reading, multi-sensor environmental instrument packages (designed by Timothy E. Wright, M.Sc., Principal Scientist)  for agriculture, wineries, homes, schools, reservoir operations, flood control, flood warning, and other water use and water budget management, plus renewable energy operations, construction projects, mining operations, manufacturing, film production, media events, political rallies, weather insurance observations, law enforcement, and a great many other applications!

And two Featured New Services from our  Environmental Modeling Division:

NEW ITEM:  Accurate evapotranspiration and precipitation measuring by geosynchronous satellites (using special modeling algorithms by T.E. Wright) - world-wide.

NEW ITEM:  Evapotranspiration:  measuring, monitoring, modeling (using special algorithms by T.E. Wright), projections, and studies - world-wide.

For Details about our Dozens of Other Services, click on one of the small boxes (with blue lettering) above, just below our telephone number.  See especially our Summary page (with links to lists of Keywords for our products and services), plus our Instrumentation and Evapotranspiration web pages.    

For a listing of many of the services offered by our seven divisions:  Go to www.charlesbpykephd.com/Environmental.html Telephone 435-7557-3220.



For more information about these services and other programs:

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